Ketzali is a social enterprise accessories company that produces handmade accessories using traditional Guatemalan skills. The brand produce a collection of hand woven scarves, ponchos, tote bags, and bracelets all created by independent artisans and women’s co-operatives.


Working with more than 50 artisans, and a variety of weavers of both sexes from different Guatemalan towns, Ketzali share technical advice for textile development, to help increase production. With the intent of increasing income, living standards and quality of life, Ketzali work hand in hand with local artisans to create their products.


Ketzali encourage their artisans to create high quality products, from a variety of experimental and creative techniques. The vibrant collection is deeply embedded in Guatemalan design and skill sets, and combined with the vibrancy and sensibility of a modern boho aesthetic. Bright, bold and beautiful designs set the collection apart, combining Ikat, dip dying, bold and subtle checks in a range of vibrant colorations.


The brand ensures fair labor standards, benefiting the artisans, artisan families and communities, and increasing mutual respect and appreciation for their skills. In addition to producing their own collection, Ketzali also facilitate buying services for companies wishing to acquire products directly from cooperative or individual artisans in Guatemala without the use of a middleman.