TRIA ETC works with talented artisans and artistic minds in Greece to create exclusive accessories and homewares, which masterfully merge tradition with innovation through technique, materials and styles. Telling the fascinating stories of Greek culture, tradition and people, TRIA ETC products feature exceptional artisanal skills. The brand acts as a home for preserving and promoting Greek artisanship that reflects their relentless commitment to excellence.


The collection includes a range of shawls handmade by the young female students of the Rizarios Foundation’s Handcraft School in Monodendri, located in Northern Greece. The institution provides professional training in weaving and needlework on traditional hand-operated looms. Shawls are also produced in suede, featuring long fringes masterfully handcrafted at one of the oldest leather smith shops in Athens. As well as shawls, the collection includes handmade suede & wool bags, totes, bucket bags, clutches and ‘tagari’ bags in a variety of different fabrics.


TRIA ETC was born of the three co-owners’ love of Greece, and passion for all things authentic, unique and natural. Enamored with the local culture and people after a permanent move to Athens, the founders eagerness to find ways of promoting traditional Greek products led to the founding of the brand. Founders Tatiana Blatnik, Christina Filiagkouridou and Elina Sbokou had long harboured amazement for the beauty and quality of Greek artisanship, and were determined to find a means of supporting artisans locally, while enabling access to global markets.


With the aspiration of helping to revitalize the artisan sector in Greece, TRIA ETC encourage artisans to focus on the evolution of their craft by raising the profile of both traditional and innovative Greek artisanship. The goal is to help preserve Greek cultural heritage.