This site is a continuation of Sass Brown‘s famous Ecofashiontalk. I feel honored to be carrying the torch and continue the work she has entrusted me with. EcofashionTalk was one of the Top ten blogs in the sustainable fashion in the world. Now let me introduce myself. I launched and expanded my Non-fashion career with brands like Shell and Amazon and Eventually landed myself in the world of Marketing. I started my journey in Engineering, far from fashion. However, it helped me to develop the ability to look at anything beyond what catches the plain eyes. I fell in love with the skin care and cosmetics and would spend hours to study them. Over time I looked at fashion the same way. Dissecting the manufacturing process and understand the long term effect of every step that goes into making my favorite piece of clothing and accessories. I love the mystery that lies beneath each creation and I aspire to continue to unfold them with a set of fresh eyes.

In the last seven years, I have reshaped from the inside out, as a human. I appreciate the luxury world and at the same time the quirkiest brands and yet I struggled at times to choose an ethical brand for me, which represented my value system of who I am today and who I will be tomorrow. As more people start to develop the same awareness and brands try to become more conscious – connecting to audiences in a more organized manner to help them make the right choice is my goal.

I look forward to sharing my fashion, beauty and technology insight with you and hope to inspire you to live a more aware life. Please reach out to me with questions, comments, or just a smile!

With Love,