Good Clothing Company

As a manufacturer for other brands as well as their own, the Good Clothing Company uses environmentally sustainable production and skilled fairly paid labor in their US based factory.

Featured Video – Soul Fire Farm

A farm in upstate New York is dedicated to addressing the painful history of farm work to Black people in the US, while also growing fresh vegetables and community surrounding it.


Taunina produce teddy bears; beautiful, embroidered, precious teddy bears, festooned with colorful hand-stitched appliques and intricately embroidered butterflies, birds, flowers, kites, and balloons.

Fabric of Change

Fabric of Change calls for innovations for building a fair and sustainable apparel industry.

Featured Video – Mehera Shaw

Based in Jaipur, India, Mehera Shaw is a fair trade and environmentally conscious garment manufacturer, non-profit organization and member of the Fair Trade Federation.

Featured Video – Una Burke and Lexus

How designer Una Burke turned car leather into an amazing catwalk creation.

Featured Item – Tanvi Kant

Fine hand crafted textile jewelry by Tanvi Kant, and her turquoise, vermillion and saffron series.

Featured Video – Maiyet in Columbia

An intricate cuff bracelet from Maiyet, hand crafted by artisans in Medelin, Columbia.

Featured Image – Viking Shoes

These incredible, contemporary, avant garde looking sandals are actually from somewhere between 300 and 700 CE, known as the ‘Migration Era’, and one of the earliest fully intact pair of shoes ever found.  The mesh top and open toe, are more reminiscent of a Martin Margiela […]

Deborah Campbell Atelier

Deborah Campbell Atelier is a contemporary British made ethical womenswear label.

Featured Image – Raggedy

Made entirely from salvaged T-shirts by Haley Trezise for Raggedy, Wales